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Les Spécialistes de la fibre optique

La révolution des communications !


From video conferencing and remote medicine to virtual field trips and in-home gaming, the way we live,work, and connect with each other increasingly depends on high-data-rate networks. Only optical communications systems have the capability to keep pace with the world’s insatiable demand for bandwidth, and Corning technology is leading the way.

Corning is the inventor and leading manufacturer of the first low-loss optical fiber.Our fiber, cable, hardware and equipment products are the keystone components that have driven the global optical communications revolution for more than 35 years.Technology and market leadership in telecommunications provides Corning with a unique ability to provide customer-focused, innovative solutions.We create and continually evolve optical technology across all application spaces, driving down carriers’ costs while maintaining the standards of quality and performance thatwe have set for the entire industry.Corning is also helping to eliminate historic industry installation challenges through the development of revolutionary bendable fiber technology.Now, telecommunications carriers can economically offer true high-speed Internet, voice, and full HDTV services to residents in multiple dwelling units, such as apartments or condominium complexes.

Corning is the most widely deployed brand of optical fiber in the world, and our cable systems enable our customers’ success through a combination of groundbreaking product innovations, award-winning customer service, best-in-class engineering support, and unparalleled expertise in fiber optics.