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Les Spécialistes de la fibre optique

La révolution des communications !


Display Technologies

Brilliant, lifelike images on the screens of our televisions, computers, and portable electronic devices have become a part of the way we live,work, and communicate. Liquid crystal displays (LCDs)—with glass made possible through Corning’s proprietary fusion technology—are at the heart of these spectacular images.

We developed the first glass substrates more than two decades ago to support active matrix LCDs. Today, Corning is a leader in the development and supply of superior-quality LCD glass substrates that continue to be in high demand by electronic display manufacturers.We are consistently first to produce next-generation glass sizes and technologies, enabling significantly larger screens and overall economies of scale for our customers. Corning is also making consumer electronic devices around the world more environmentally friendly through the industry’s first LCD glass substrates that contain no added heavy metals or halides.

The view ahead? Look for even more advances from Corning, as we continue to innovate and help drive the displays of tomorrow.

Environmental Technologies

As global concern for air quality intensifies, Corning continues to provide vehicle and engine manufacturers with new and more effective ways to prevent harmful emissions from polluting the air.Our expertise in process,materials, and market understanding has made us a leader in this field for more than three decades.Our high-performance ceramic filters and substrates set the standard for use in all transportation exhaust systems.

We are a leading supplier of advanced ceramic substrates and diesel particulate filters to the world’s major manufacturers of gasoline- and diesel-powered engines and vehicles. Corning provides keystone components for a full range of innovative pollution-control systems for light-, medium-, heavy-duty, and stationary applications.

Our steady investments in a global network of manufacturing, product engineering, and research and development enable our customers around theworld to stay ahead of continually tightening global emissions regulations.We’re proud of our contribution to our customers’ success and to healthier, cleaner air for everyone.