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Les Spécialistes de la fibre optique

La révolution des communications !


Corning Cable Systems, one of the world’s leading and most trusted suppliers of optical connectivity solutions for communications networks, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Corning Incorporated. It is internationally known for its global manufacturing capabilities and its award-winning service and support.

Corning Cable Systems Evolant® Solutions for carrier networks and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) deliver comprehensive solutions for fiber-to-the-home or businessin-access networks, multidwelling units (MDUs) and wireless deployments. By providing world-class, high-bandwidth solutions from the central office or headend to the customer premises, Corning enables consistent performance and reliability throughout your network.

LANscape® Solutions offers our enterprise networks’ customers complete tip-to-tip product and service solutions for your fiber optic and copper needs. LANscape Solutions ensure the successful and efficient foundation of your data center, local area, intelligent traffic system and industrial networks.