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Research and Development

For generations, Corning’s steadfast commitment to research and development has been the force behind our success. As one of only five U.S.-based industrial companies that can claim 100 years or more of R&D,Corning is widely recognized as one of theworld’s top innovators in specialty glass and ceramics. Our successful history of innovation begins with our culture, one that encourages our employees to take risks in technology development when we believe we can bring an innovative solution to market.We manage the risk in our approach by carefully balancing our R&D investments and by innovating in a wide variety of markets.

Corning attracts world-class scientists who are drawn to our open, collaborative culture in which one discovery often leads to another.These researchers, together with manufacturing, engineering, and business unit colleagues—and often with customers and supply chain partners—work to solve complex problems and maximize opportunities in our chosen markets. It is our deep understanding of both materials science and technologically advanced systems that enables us to collaborate with industry leaders to address the critical market needs of today and tomorrow.

We reinvest approximately 10 percent of our annual sales in R&D, providing our researchers with the resources they need to succeed. The intellectual property resulting from this investment is one of Corning’s most valuable assets and provides us with a distinct and powerful competitive advantage.

Corning’s dedication to and unwavering belief in the importance of R&D have been the force behind the company’s ongoing wave of life-changing innovations. Our rich history provides an inspiring backdrop for the discoveries yet to come.