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Les Spécialistes de la fibre optique

La révolution des communications !


At Corning Cable Systems, we position companies at the forefront of network innovation, pioneering many of the global products and solutions commonly used in state-of-the-art cabling systems. We have built our business on a culture of customer collaboration, listening to their needs, staying abreast of market trends and responding with innovative products and unparalleled customer service. Dedicated and highly trained, Corning’s customer service representatives are the backbone of support to an entire company committed to customer satisfaction.

Our highly trained engineers and technicians are available to provide technical information on our product specifications, applications, use and performance. With more than two decades of expertise and thousands of network designs and installations, our engineers and technicians deliver cost-effective, Total Quality results.

Corning Cable Systems also offers a comprehensive and integrated training program developed to meet your fiber optic and copper product needs. Taught by our educated and field-experienced engineers, our instructors share their real-world knowledge of products and techniques to respond to our customers’ needs today and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges.

For questions on theory, product design and construction, environmental performance and other technical subjects or assistance, please refer to back cover or visit us at our website:


  • “I will definitely recommend the new Corning Cable Systems Pretium EDGE™ Solutions for any data center that needs to facilitate high-density patching fields …”
    Todd Cavanagh, TelTech Networks, Inc., Arizona, USA
  • “Our new data center has been successfully operating with the advanced products and services provided by Corning ... ”
    Xiao Jianyi, Director of Supporting Center of China Pacific Insurance Co., China
  • “Corning’s … ClearCurve® Rugged Drop Cable is an initial product in what promises to be a family of specialized bendable fiber products we expect to use across our network going forward.”
    Verizon, New York, USA