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Life Sciences

In the race to bring newdrugs to market, product and process innovation is a critical tool for pharmaceutical companies seeking to compress costs and timelines. Corning is the trusted partner of researchers seeking breakthrough approaches that increase efficiencies during drug discovery. As the leading developer, manufacturer, and global supplier of scientific laboratory products, Corning has provided customers with innovations in life sciences for more than 90 years.

In addition to being a global leader in consumable glass and plastic laboratory tools for life-science research, Corning continues to lead the way with the development and production of optical biosensors, advanced cell-culture vessels, automation-friendly microplates, and novel surfaces for drug discovery.

By leveraging our unique combination of core capabilities inmaterials science, surfaces,molecular biology, and biochemistry, Corning enables fundamental life-science research and the development of promising new drugs that will benefit society for many generations to come.

Specialty Materials

From creating glass windows for space shuttles to developing precision optics for high-tech industries, Corning develops customer-driven solutions for virtually any glass-based challenge. This is accomplished through our unmatched expertise in fundamental glass science—and our more than 150 material formulations for glass, glass ceramics, and fluoride crystals.

Corning is one of very few manufacturers with deep capabilities in materials science, optical design, shaping, coating, finishing, and assembly.Our optical materials capabilities cover the entire spectrum, from extreme ultraviolet (EUV) to infrared (IR), and from refractive to reflective. These capabilities position the company to meet the needs of a broad array of markets including display, semiconductor, aerospace/defense, astronomy, vision care, industrial/commercial, and telecommunications.

Corning also delivers integrated advanced optical-sensor solutions and complete opto-mechanical solutions—including design,materials, components, and optical subassemblies—for wafer, photomask, and inspection equipment suppliers. And we offer form metrology instrumentation for the semiconductor, data storage, automotive, and industrial markets.

Other Products and Services

  • In addition to Corning’s five primary business segments, the company also focuses on new business development and emerging technologies that utilize our core competencies in specialty glass, ceramics, and biophotonics.

Display Futures

  • As a leader in the science and technology of advanced display, Corning is constantly thinking ahead to the next wave of display products.Our work in the area of display futures addresses the market for high-performance mobile electronics with solutions for organic light-emitting diode (OLED) and low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) LCD displays. These solutions solve a variety of industry challenges by improving the lifespan of OLED devices, while also meeting the demanding surface and thermal stability requirements of the LTPS and OLED manufacturing processes.

Drug Discovery Technology

  • Corning develops leading-edge technologies that enable researchers to be more productive by improving the accuracy, speed, and cost of the drug discovery process. Our innovative solutions provide researchers with the technology needed to accurately observe biological interactions not previously detectable in high-throughput applications, helping make life-changing discoveries possible.

New Business Development

  • Corning has a proven track record of being first to market with breakthrough innovations. It is our deep understanding of materials science and technologically advanced systems that enables us to address the critical market needs of both today and tomorrow.Our work in emerging technology areas has the potential to play a critical role in a variety of applications, including the electronics and display devices of tomorrow, future pollution-control systems, and pharmaceutical development.